Dr. Sophia Ma, ND

Naturopathic Doctor


Throughout practice I have seen, treated and experienced what it is like to feel tired, overwhelmed and burnt out. 

I believe that when we optimize health, we no longer have to struggle to survive. Join me in taking the first steps to wellness and get ready to thrive!




Having suffered chronic joint pain from early childhood, I remember being shuffled from clinic to clinic, the long waits and brief encounters with doctors, but I don't remember experiencing the relief that I was desperately in search of.  


When I was first introduced to naturopathic medicine it was a foreign term, but it was the answer I had been looking for.  With a combination of dietary changes, homeopathy and acupuncture, I began to experience life without the aches and pains that had made me so moody and miserable.  Not only did naturopathic medicine free me from constant discomfort, but it's turned out to be my dream job as well.


I am an ND because I want to help others find the same freedom, health and happiness that I've experienced through naturopathic medicine. 




  • To educate, so people can make their best health decisions

  • To inspire, so people can aspire to wellness.

  • To support, so that people feel strong enough to advocate for their health.

  • To hold safe space, so people can be empowered to achieve true healing.

  • To provide authentic care, so that people can trust in their healing

  • To help people find wellness, so that they may thrive


This is my purpose as a naturopathic doctor.  Though I do not and cannot guarantee a cure,  I aim to provide the next best thing: Health through knowledge, inspiration and empowerment.



“I like to point out that our nature is basically compassionate because we are social animals.

What brings us together is love and affection.”

— Dalai Lama


I am passionate about the people I surround myself with as they inspire me to be a better person. I believe that respect is the foundation to sharing a therapeutic relationship.  I am grateful to my patients who show me how strong we can be and the progress that can be achieved once we set our hearts to it. 


I believe that living goes far beyond surviving, and that by achieving wellness on all levels (physical, social, emotional and spiritual), we can thrive and succeed beyond our wildest imaginations.  With the proper knowledge we can be inspired to engage in healthy change and empowered achieve optimal health.

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