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Initial visit


The first consultation is typically 75-90minutes and used to gather relevant information. It is the most important stage of naturopathic treatment because it will help determine an accurate diagnoses which allows us to establish a therapeutic and individualized treatment plan.


In addition to questions about lifestyle, personal and family health history, some physical exams will be performed to establish a baseline during the initial visits.  Though it is not required, copies of your most recent blood work or imaging may be helpful and it is recommended that you bring them along with the completed intake forms for your first visit. 

Intake forms to be completed for your initial visit can be downloaded here

Follow up visits


Follow-ups can range from 30-45 minutes long.  This time is used to deliver in-office treatments, review your progress with the treatment plan, clarify questions and address any new areas of concern.


Typically follow-up visits are spaced 2-6 weeks apart depending on how regularly in-office treatments are required or how closely a treatment regimen needs to be monitored.



Note:  Appointments more than one year from the last visit will be scheduled as an initial consult.

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